Feb 23, 2013

The Perfection of President Obama

I liked President Obama's page on facebook, and sometimes I see Michelle and Barak's photos on my timeline. All of their photos are perfect. Michelle and Barak are always charming.

In the entry "President Obama and Mitt Romney," I wrote "From the standpoint of Japanese view I think that President Obama is so underestimated from American people," and even now I think that he is a good president.

At the same time, I can imagine how people who don't like Barack Obama feel. When I see Michelle and Barak's perfect photos, I can see how somebody would feel embarrassed, because their photos are too perfect

Bush Jr. always made self-deprecating jokes, for example, even though he got C in his university, he could be a president. I have never heard Barak Obama make self-deprecating joke. I guess that people, who support Bush Jr., like his self-deprecating jokes and don't like the perfection of the Obamas.

I heard that the close adviser of Martin Luther King Jr. was always afraid of his scandal. He was the symbol of the civil rights movement, and opponents stood ready to drag him down to disturb the civil rights movement. Of course he wasn't as perfect as ordinary people, but he should pretend to be perfect as the symbol of the civil right movement.

Why didn't Bush Jr. have to pretend to be perfect? I think, because he doesn't belong to a minority group. If Bush Jr. was an idiot, people wouldn't think that all of WASP people are idiots.

When Barak Obama makes a self-deprecating joke, it will be the time that the civil right movement fulfills its goal.

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