Feb 16, 2013

I Wanna Do Something about It: My Impression of the film "Beginners"

I watched the film "Beginners" on DVD.

The main character, Oliver, who was played by Ewan McGregor, had just lost his father. His father had lost his wife four years ago, and then he came out that he was gay.

When his father and mother married, homosexuality was thought to be an illness. His mother proposed to his father and said, "I will cure you," and he decided to accept her proposal.

But, of course, his "illness" wasn't cured, and he realized that he wasn't ill.

When he came out, he also said, "I wanna do something about it," and he actually did many things about it: he made a boyfriend, joined a gay association, enjoyed parties, and participated in Gay Pride Parade. He had lived as a gay for four years and passed away with his boyfriend and gay associates.

I think that it is really wonderful for anyone to realize what they, themselves, are and to actually do something about it actually, no matter how old they are. If my father does so, I must be proud of him.

And I, myself, wanna do something about it.

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