Jun 27, 2012

Visualization with a Whiteboard

Toyota is famous for intensive visualization (見える化) of information in their factories. They think that visualization is necessary to find and solve problems quickly. ("Data visualization drives Toyota's product development")

In Japan there is a proverb "百聞は一見に如かず", which means, "One look truly is better than a hundred words." Sometime we thought that we understood each other by just talking each other, but after that we often found that we misunderstood each other. Verbal communication is imperfect.

Whenever I hold a business meeting, I must use a whiteboard. I bought a portable whiteboard, and when there is no whiteboard in a meeting room, I bring it.

I summarize what participants say with bullet points and charts during meetings. It's helpful to understand each other and make the meeting more efficient.

At the end of the meeting, I write the conclusion of the meeting and confirm it with the participants on the whiteboard. In a meeting without a whiteboard, we often feel that we have reached a conclusion, but in fact it isn't certain. Writing down the conclusion on the whiteboard makes everything clear.

After that, I take a photo of the whiteboard and send it to them by e-mail. We can skip taking minutes of the meeting. This way is simple and easy.

Jun 24, 2012

Actually I'm not an otaku

I was depressed for a month, and now I've got better at last. But I found that I had so many things to do, because I left off doing them while I was depressed. I have to work hard and I can't make enough time to write my weblog.

But I'll try to write a new short entry.

My personality is like those of otaku people. I'm attached to my hobbies and fussy. But I don't like the otaku culture itself.

For example, I read manga and watch anime, but I can't read and watch so called "anime graphics (アニメ絵)". I could say that I hate "anime graphics".

I used to introduce three of my favorite Japanese Manga authors, Moto HagioKatsuhiro Otomo, and Taiyo Matsumoto. None of them draw "Anime graphic", but more artistic drawings.

There is a popular comic "Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei (さよなら絶望先生)". Whenever I hear about it, I think that I must love this comic. But whenever I try to read it, I can't get though it because its graphic is the "anime graphics" style.

I look like an otaku, so many people mistake me for an otaku, but actually I'm not an otaku.

Jun 16, 2012

Coming Back to the Surface of the Sea

My previous entries might have made my readers nervous about my health.

Last week I was at the bottom of the deep sea, but now I'm coming up to the surface of the sea. Many people gave me messages and they gave me energy to come back up to the surface. I really realized that I wasn't alone. I'll be able to fly in the sky

Thank you! We can't live alone, and I wish that I would give you energy to live.

But I find that I have so many things to do now. I'll have to work hard next week, but I'll be careful not to work too hard.

Jun 12, 2012

Frying High in the Sky or Driving Deep in the Sea

When I'm flying high in the sky, I'm naturally positive. I love everything in the world, especially myself. I feel like being able to do anything, and I enjoy my job and hobbies.

But when I'm diving deep in the sea, I allow myself to be negative. I hate everything in the world, especially myself. I actually can't do anything but lie on the bed. I just enjoy the sweet taste of shelf-hatred.

Of course, I'm happy high in the sky, and unhappy deep in the sea, but I can't keep flying forever. Sometimes my energy runs out and I dive deep into the sea.

When I'm flying high in the sky, I usually forget pain in the other people's heart, because I'm fascinated with the bright sunshine. On the other hand, when I'm diving deep, cool, and dark in the sea, I feel not only my own pain but also the other people's pain very much.

I'm arrogant high in the sky, and I'm humble deep in the sea.

Confucius said, "the virtue of moderateness is supreme."

I wish I could live on the land moderately.

Jun 10, 2012

From the Deep Sea (1)

As I wrote in this weblog, I've been suffering from depression for four years.

Sometimes I didn't feel well, but on the whole I've been recovering from the depression.

During the past year, basically I felt better than anytime since I suffered from the depression. I kept taking antidepressant and sleeping pills, but my colleagues probably thought that I had almost recovered. (Actually I myself almost thought so.)

Last October I was promoted to the chief of my section. This proved that my boss thought that I could carry out the duties of this position, and because I also thought so, I accepted this promotion.

Of course I had more work than before, and I actually worked harder. At the same time I dedicated myself to my hobbies, writing weblogs in Japanese, English, and Chinese and playing golf.

My boss seemed to recognize my hard work, so last April my section was merged with another section and became twice as big as before. I was much more motivated and worked harder. At that time I hoped that I could keep up.

But it was a mistake.

Since the begging of May, I felt full of weariness and sometime I couldn't go to work. (I couldn't write my weblog in Chinese or play golf well.) And then I had a series of disorders, insomnia, back pain, headaches, itching, sore throats, and so on. It was apparent that they were symptoms of the depression and that I had worked too much.

Now, I feel like I am going down into the deep sea. In the deep sea, it's cool and calm. I have to take a rest here.

And then I'll come up to the surface of the sea.

Jun 2, 2012

Smells Like Asian Sprit: Zainichi Funk and Far East Movement

Last year I went to the live performance of Zainichi Funk (在日ファンク) with one of my friends.

Zainichi Funk is a Japanese funk band. "Zainichi (在日)" literary means "existing in Japan", but it has another discriminatory meaning that is "Koreans living in Japan".

The members of Zainichi Funk aren't "zainichi" Koreans but Japanese. I can't explain the complicated connotation of the name of this band "Zainichi Funk", but I can say that they humble themselves as Japanese musician to play funk music.

Please watch their PV.

"爆弾こわい" Zainichi Funk

Obviously they respect and imitate James Brown

"I Feel Good" James Brown

Sometimes black hip hoppers call themselves as "nigga". The word "nigga" in this context has positive connotation, because it expresses their attitude against the society that segregates them.

Please imagine that a white boy who loves hip hop and wants to be like 2Pac. He knows that he can't be like 2Pac, because he is white, but he calls himself as "nigga".

"Changes" 2Pac

In this context, the meaning of the word "nigga" is quite twisted. It is also twisted that the members of "Zainichi Funk" call themselves as "zainichi".

They love James Brown's cool funk music, but at the same time they know that they can't play cool funk music like him because they are "zainichi ". So they are trying their own "zainichi" funk music. If James Brown listened to their "zainichi" funk, I wonder how he would think of it.

The other day, I watched Far East Movement's PV on MTV.

"Live My Life ft. Justin Bieber" Far East Movement

An Asian with old style hair like the last emperor of Qing dynasty, Puyi, and hip hop fashion, is rapping.


Hip Hop used to be a part of black culture, but now it isn't their exclusive music. But it's quite difficult for non-black hip hoppers to be cool, because the coolness of hip hop deeply depends on black culture.

Hip hop fashion does Never look right on me, who is a Japanese not looking wild at all. I guess that Kev Nish, a MC of Far East Movement, thought how he used his Asian look to be cool.

Zainichi Funk is trying "Zainichi" funk, and Kev Nish is trying "Far East" hip hop. They are somehow comical and "uncool", but at the same time their "uncoolness" makes them cool.

LMFAO are also comical, "uncool", and cool, because they have their original style.

"Sexy and I Know It" LMFAO

Now Zainichi Funk and Far East Movement aren't as original and cool as LMFAO, but I hope that they will be.

They have smells like Asian spirit.