Oct 31, 2011

Heating up Sushi in a Microwave

I had a dream.

In this dream;

I'm a student living in a dormitory of a university with a Western roommate.

He brought a pack of Sushi for his dinner. He asked me if he could my microwave. I felt strange and asked him, "Well, what are you doing with the microwave?"

He replied, "I must heat up the sushi."

I was surprised and said, "Heh, what are you doing?"

He said again, "I'll heat sushi."

"Well, why will you heat the suchi?"

"'Cause I don't eat raw fish and heated sushi tastes good. Haven't you tried it?"

"Hmm, does it really taste good? I've seen someone heat onigiri in a convenience store, but..."

"Yeah, heated sushi tastes as good as heated onigiri."

I like to challenge bizarres foods.

I said to him, "Can I try a piece of the sushi?"

He said, "Sure."

And then I ate heated tuna sushi. Vinegar evaporated and the heated sushi smelled too sour to eat.


  1. woooow interesting hahah

    is it even proper japanese ethics to heat it? just wondering

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to hear that you are interested in my dream.

      We, Japanese, NEVER heat sushi in the real world.