Feb 8, 2013

The North Wind and the Sun

When I asked my man to do his task, he emailed me that he couldn't do it immediately with full of silly excuses.

I knew that he just wanted to delay it and his excuses were just "excuses." But I was really tired at that time. When I feel tired, I couldn't control myself. So I wrote an email to him, which shot down his excuses completely.

And then what would happen? Nothing!

He just wanted to delay his task, whether his excuses were right or wrong. If I pointed out that his excuses were not logical at all, he would never feel motivated. My email was so logical that he couldn't retort, so he just ignored my email.

And I got much more tired.

I had a talk with the vice president of my company about how to manage my department. "Do you think which is better the north wind or the sun?" I asked. He answered, "The sun must be better!"

I blew the north wind to him and it didn't work at all. I should bright like the sun to him. I should be patient to make someone move with the sun. In order to be patient, I should keep being calm and sunny.

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