Mar 11, 2015

How Many More Tragedies Must I Accept?

This is the fourth of March 11th since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In my entry “A Freezing Winter in Temporary Housing”  in March 11th, 2014, I wrote, “Although many programs about the earthquake are broadcasted on TV, I can’t stand watching them well, because I am too upset. I could watch them before, but recently I can’t.”

Even now, I can’t watch such programs well.

In my entry “The J. G. Ballard's World” in March 12th, 2011, I wrote, “I can understand what happens in my head, but I can't accept that it is real in my heart. I'm living in the surreal world now.”

I have not been able to accept the fact that it was real in my heart until now.

Although I know that so many tragedies happened after the Great East Japan Earthquake in the world, I can’t even accept the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

How many more tragedies must I accept? Where is the answer?