Feb 10, 2013

Sometimes America Seems to Be Quite Exotic to Me: My Impression of the Film "ARGO"

First of all, I'd like to say that I love the United States of America very much. I'm always interested in politics, society, culture, and history of America and I can't remember how many times I've been to America. But sometimes America seems to be quite exotic to me. I guess that the exoticism of America might deeply fascinate me. 

I watched the film "ARGO" yesterday. I think that we can enjoy a good film like AROG from a variety points of view and it worth the Oscars.

Islamic Iran and Hollywood are literally opposite. From Hollywood, Iran is just a nice location for an exotic science fiction movie, like "ARGO."

The concept "exotic" is relative. From the Hollywood standpoint of view, Iran is exotic, but from Iranian standpoint of view, it is Hollywood that is quite exotic. Honestly, for me Hollywood is more exotic than Iran.

I was born raised in a non-Western country, which was at the mercy of America like Iran, so I feel more intimate to Iran than America. We can find cities, which resemble to Teheran around the world, but Hollywood is quite unique.

Ben Affleck might know that Hollywood was exotic from Iran and the drop between Islamic Iran and Hollywood made humor.

My favorite scene in Argo is two press conferences in Teheran and Hollywood. In the press conference in Teheran Islamic young woman, who wore a black hijab, denounced "evil" America, and in the press conference in Hollywood actors and actresses, who made up as aliens, read the script of the science fiction movie "ARGO." 

Both of them were completely opposite, but their fates were twisted with each other.

I hope that American people will know that they are really exotic from people in the other part of the world. If they don't realize it, they will keep making conflicts all over the world.

But I love America, because it is quite exotic to me.

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