Apr 28, 2011

Nine Fried Eggs

I had a dream.

In it, I wake up in my brother's apartment house. I don't know why I slept in his room.

It's very early in the morning, so my brother is sleeping his bedroom. I'm hungry so I go to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator and I find nine eggs.

I decide to make fried eggs. I find the biggest flying pan in the back of a cabinet. I put it on a range, and put nine eggs inside.

Yellows of nine eggs are packed in the flying pan. Finally they are fried. I manage to put them on a plate. The plate is full of the fried nine eggs.

I take the plate from a table, and begin to eat them while standing up. But it's strange that the amount doesn't seem to decrease despite of the fact I'm eating them. I find that they are swelling.

The white of the eggs overflow the palate and spread out all over the table. I'm surprised and I can't do anything but just still standing there and watch them.

They are still getting bigger and bigger. Now they hang out of the table like the watch in Dali's painting.

I wanted to run away, but they twine my feet like amebas and I can't even move my feet.

Their level of them is going up to knee, waist, chest and neck. In the fried eggs I can't move my body at all, but it's warm like in the womb. Finally the fried eggs swallow me.

I can't move a single finger, but I can breath in the fried eggs.

Now they reach the ceiling of the room. I can see nine yellows floating in the white of the eggs. I'm desperately thinking about how to swim in the fried eggs.

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