Apr 22, 2011

How I Got to Know My Wife

I had a dream.

In it, my wife and I talked about how we got to know each other.

When I met her the first time, she was a chaser. She made accessories and sold them at a flea market by herself.

I was looking for a birthday present for my girlfriend, whom I was going steady with at that time. I found cute accessories at a flea market by chance.

I talked with a shopkeeper about how to choose a nice ring which suits for my girl friend. We had a nice talk, and then I chose a cute golden ring.

She said to me "If you buy that golden ring, I will give you this silver ring as a present for you".

I was really surprised about what she had said and refused to do so. But she offered it to me intensely. I couldn't understand why she was doing it, but at the end I accepted.

After a few days, I was thinking of her. I went to the flea market and looked for her small shop.

I found her, and I gave her the golden one.

And now I wear the silver ring, and she wears the golden ring.

This story isn't true, it's just a dream.

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