Apr 12, 2011

They've Been Lying

Kazuyoshi Saito, a popular rock musician in Japan, sung a parody of his own hit song "I've been loving you (ずっと好きだった)" on Ustream.

This song is called "They've Been Lying (ずっと嘘だった)".

Any video of this song is deleted from YouTube as soon as possible, because it is a protest song against nuclear power. Of course we can't watch it on TV.

It is more natural that a rock musician sings a protest song than anything. Rock music is essentially protesting against the main stream of societies.

Anyone has the right to say anything in Japan and all over the world. Japan is like Libya or North Korea, is it?

I don't know when Japan became such a fucking country, oh no, it's been a fucking country.

I will translate the lyric of "They've been lying" as follows.

They've Been Lying

When we walk around this country, we find 54 nuclear plants.
Textbooks and TV commercials said they were safe.

They tricked us, and their excuse is "beyond expectations".
Dear old blue sky, and ticklish black rain.

They've been lying, and it comes out after all.
They've been really lying that nuclear power was safe.

They've been lying, and I wanna eat spinach.
They've been really lying, and they must know this situation.
Nobody can stop blowing radioactivity.
How many people will be exposed, until this country's government will recognize it?

Leaving this town, do you find nice water?
Tell me, Oh no, no thank you.
Nowhere to run away at last.

They've been fucking, Tepco, Hokuden, Chuden and Kyuden.
We stop dreaming any more.

They've been fucking, but they still never stop it.
They've been really fucking, and we wanna do something.

They've been lying.

They've been really fucking.

"They've been lying (ずっと嘘だった)"

"I've been loving you (ずっと好きだった)"

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