Apr 14, 2011

An Insomniac's Morning

Even since I have suffered from depression, I have not been able to sleep well. I take a sleeping pill before I go to bed, so I can fall asleep quickly. But I awake very early in the morning.

The minute I wake up in my bed, I try to go back to sleep again for a while, then I give up. I began to think about what I'll write on my weblog, or what I should do on business today. Then I get out of the bed without waking my wife up, and turn on my PC.

It's dark, silent, cold and I am alone. I love such mornings.

The insomniac's morning is busy. I check my e-mail, twitter, facebook, lang-8, some weblogs and newspaper sites.

I e-mail a list of what I should do today to myself. And I send some e-mail to friends of mine and make some comments on SNSs. Some of my friends overseas log onto the Internet when it is very early in the morning in Japan, and they immediately reply to my e-mails and comments.

After we exchange e-mails and comments, I begin to write a journal on my weblog. I already wrote it in my head when I was in bed turning over, and I just type it. (Of course I have to make corrections.)

I read newspapers. Recently I get angry over the news about the accidents of the nuclear plants.

I see a morning glow in the sky through the window over the PC, and my wife gets out of the bed. I make two pieces of toast, and she makes two cups of cappuccino. We eat crisp toast and drink hot cappuccino together with a warm talk.

I also love such a breakfast.

I get the energy to work today and leave home for the office.

This is an insomniac's morning.

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