Apr 27, 2011

A Real Hero, "an Eggs and a Wall" and "High Noon"

Today I'd like to quote Haruki Murakami's book “A Collection of Short Texts (雑文集)” again.

I wrote this speech as a commentary for the Jerusalem Prize in February 2009. At that time the policy of the Israel government towards Gaza conflicts was strongly criticized, and I was also criticized for receiving the Jerusalem Prize from both home and abroad. To be honest it would have been easy for me to turn down the prize. I thought that I should do so many times. But thinking of my readers in Israel who are so far away from me, I decided to go there and deliver my message through my own voice. Under this situation I wrote this speech with my whole heart line by line. I felt really alone. I watched the film “High Noon” again and again, and then finally I made up my mind and left home for the airport.

His remarks at Jerusalem's "an Egg and a Wall" are here.

The most impressive part of his speech is as follows.

"Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg."

I also like the film "High Noon". There are many films about heroes, who fight alone against great enemies, for example Rambo in "First Blood", John McClane in "Die Hard", Shane in "Shane", Sanjuro in "Yojinbo" and so on. They are always macho men and overly self-confident.

But Will Kane, who was played by Gary Cooper, is completely different. He isn't a super macho man but just an ordinary person, who feels fear toward his enemies. He wants people in his town to fight outlaws with him, but he can't get any cooperation. He's hesitant to fight them, but finally he gathers up all of his courage and fights alone.

I can understand the reason why Haruki Murakami watched "High Noon" again and again before giving his speech at the Jerusalem Prize.

We as human beings feel fear. A real hero doesn't hide his true feelings, but does what he knows he must.

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