May 25, 2011

The Reason Why I Won't Buy an iPad

I found an article that the prices of PCs are going down in Japan because smart phones begun to compete against PCs in Nikkei ( I'm sorry for this article written in Japanese).

I wrote "In the future PC will die" in the journal "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on my weblog, but PC already has been dying.

But I don't have a smart phone or an iPad, partly because I think that PC, which has a big display and a full keyboard, is more convenient than them. I have another reason why I won't buy iPad.

I imagined what would happen if I were to buy an iPhone or an iPad.

Now to access the Internet, I have to go to my desk, turn on my PC, wait for its booting up, log into my account, click the icon of the browser and wait for it to it to open. It's a barrier for me to access the Internet.

If I get an iPhone or an iPad, it will get much easier to access the Internet. I'll bring them and access the Internet at anytime and anywhere. Only when I write a long journal, I'll use PC. It must be more convenient than now.

The convenience is a problem. Sometimes I see a website and write a comment on Facebook while I talk with my wife. I miss what she says and give a vague answer. It's really rude for her and I regret it afterwards. If I have an iPhone or an iPad and can access the Internet at anytime and anywhere in my house, what will communication be like between my wife and me become? It's obvious.

Some children never leave their portable game devices even at dinner, and they are scolded from their mothers. If I bring an iPhone or an iPad even in the bed, what will happen? I can't imagine how awful it will be.

For the peace of my family I won't buy an iPad.


  1. I've been contemplating getting an IPad for awhile now, because I like the idea of having a more portable computer for classes. But a lot of your reasons for not getting an IPad is similar to why I don't want a smartphone. I like having to actively get on my computer and log onto my email instead of being able to check it with me wherever I go. I know I've had friends who felt obligated to respond to everything quickly because they know the email's there.

  2. When I send an e-mail, I don't expect a quick response. If I need a quick response, I will make a phone.

    Anyway sometimes we need to take a rest and be off line, I think.