May 27, 2011

I Am Linus

I love the comics "Peanuts."

Everybody may know Snoopy and Charlie Brown, but I wonder how they read the comics themselves  nowadays.

In the comics you will find full of characters, who you can really love. Each of them has their own unique and lovely personality.

Snoopy isn't just cute, but cool and dry. Charlie takes care of Snoopy eargerly, but Snoopy doesn't remember his name and call him "the round-headed kid". Every boy could find the similar traits of Charlie Brown in their own mind and so do I.

Lucy is a typical "girl". She is always mean to Charlie Brown and Linus in a very girlish way, which is quite unreasonable for them. In my childhood I was always running away from such girls, and I might be running away even now. But she also loves Schroeder, and she becomes a very sweet girl, when she sees him playing the piano.

I love Peppermint Patty. She is the other type of girl, who is really natural. She went to dog school as one of the students, (of course the other students are dogs), and she has not found that the school was for dogs, after she graduated from it.

And I love Linus most of all apart from the rest of the "Peanuts" characters. No, I don't love Linus, but I am LINUS himself. When I read "Peanuts", I always sympathize with Linus. We have a lot of common things with each other. He is calm but argumentative. He is logical but childish. He seriously believes in the Great Pumpkin, which other people never believed, and depends on his famous blanket. When Lucy is mean to Linus, he always fight back logically, but finally Lucy beats him. I can understand how he feels perfectly.

My wife says that she is like Sally the most out of all the "Peanuts" characters. I feel relieved with the fact that Linus is Sally's boy friend. Our conversations are like this skit, lol.

When you read "Peanuts", you will find the character that you relate to the most. Try to read it.


  1. I love Peanuts! I had a few of the comic collections growing up, and they were all great. The animated Christmas special is still one of my favorites. I've always liked Linus, though Pig Pen has always been my favorite character (though I don't think I'm that similar to him).

  2. Haha, you aren't dusty, are you?

    Everyone must be able to find their own favorite character in Peanuts, I think.

    There is excellent Japanese translation of Peanuts by Shuntaro Tanigawa (, so Peanuts is popular in Japan.