May 9, 2011

Goodbye My Good Old Yankees

I'm planning a trip this summer vacation with my wife. Traveling is fun, and planning a trip is also fun.

We'll visit New York to see Ground Zero and a New York Yankees game. I've not been to New York since the summer of 1998, before 9/11. I remembered that I looked up at the World Trade Center at that time. I think that I should see Ground Zero after the death of Osama bin Laden.

I loved New York Yankees in the 1990s. They play really smart and cool baseball. They didn't have any macho power hitter, but all of them were devoted to the win of the team. Nobody played selfishly.

They rarely won by a big lead, but they often came behind late in a game and won by a narrow lead. Their games were full of tension and really fun.

On a sunny day I was sitting on seats in the Yankee Stadium. At that game Andy Petite was a starter. At first Royals had the lead on Yankees, but Derek Jeter, Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams beat Royal's pitchers and turned the game. Finally Mariano Rivera closed it. It's a really perfect game for Yankees' funs.

Andy, Derek and Mariano were so young and bright. Bernie was in his golden age.

But now Andy and Bernie have retired, and Derek and Mariano are in their last years. The special air, which Yankees in 1990s had, is gone now. Alex Rodriguez is a good athlete, but he isn't suitable for Yankees. He doesn't look like he is playing for the team no does he look smart.

I barely find the smells of Yankees in 1990s only from Derek, Mariano and Jorge. They will retire in a few years. And then my good old Yankees will be gone completely.


  1. I'm also a huge Yankees fan, and I remember growing up with the Yankees of the 90's. While there's definitely been changes to the team (I'm still bitter that they traded Matsui), I don't think I could ever not be Yankees fan. Not to mention the Yankees are still a fantastic team.

  2. In this summer holidays I took a trip to New York and I made a reaservation of the ticket of Yankees game. I went to Yankee stadium wearing Bernie's T-shirts, but the game was postponed by heavy rain!!!!