May 19, 2011

I could survive in the Stone Age

In the previous journal I wrote about differences before and after the spread of the Internet. I call the era before the spread of the Internet "the Stone Age". I'm so old that I could be considered to have come from the Stone Age.

Let's imagine the world as it was during the Stone Age.

There was
no Internet, only white and black TVs,
no cell phones, only public phones,
no PCs, only calculators,
no e-mail, only mail,
no website, only newspaper,
no digital cameras, only film cameras,
no video cameras, only 8mm cameras,
no CDs, only analog LP records,
no DVDs, only, well, nothing,
no iPod, only Walkman, no, transistor radios,
no Nintendo, only playing cards,
no, only small bookstores,
no Google, only libraries,
no weblog, only diary,
no Facebook, only circles,
no twitter, only graffitis,
no Wikipedia, only encyclopedia,
no lang8, only pen pals,
no MS Word, only pens and paper,
no PowerPoint, but OHP,
no ATM, only clerks in banks,
no Hip hop, only rock ‘n’ roll,
no Messi, only Maradona
no LeBron James, only Magic Johnson,
no Barack Obama, only Martin Luther King Junior,
no Al Gore, only Rachel Carson,
no Junichiro Koizumi, only Kakuei Tanaka,
no Europe Union, only Soviet Union,
no Iraq War, only Vietnam War,
no al-Qaeda, only communist countries,
no Facebook Wall, only Berlin Wall,
no Fukushima only Chernobyl and the nuclear bomb test at Bikini
cars and airplanes,
rich people and poor people,
earthquakes and nuclear plants
in the Stone Age.

But I could survive in the Stone Age.

In the end it's like John Lennon's lyrics, isn't it?

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