Sep 2, 2012

You Don't Have to Be Strong or Perfect

I used to feel ashamed at the fact that I was weak, so I tried to hide it. I wanted to be perfect and I couldn't accept my weakness.

I believed that I always should do things as possible as I could, but of course, I really couldn't do it, so I was always disappointed with myself.

But now I think that I don't have to be strong and perfect. After I accepted my weakness and imperfection, things turned to be much better than before.

I am not strong or perfect, so I need someone else's help. And in order to have someone else's help, I really think about what I can give him or her. When I wanted to be strong and perfect, I didn't care about somebody else seriously.

But now I realize that no-one is strong or perfect and everyone needs someone else's help. We should need each other's help. The recognition of this fact leads teamwork.

After I accepted weakness, I could see exactly what I was. I became able to recognize objectively not only my bad point but also my good point and potential. I know what I should do in order to grow up and I can do it actually.

I've stopped pretending that I don't have my weakness, and as a result people trust me much more than before, because I've behaved as what I really was. Now that I understand this I am better able to trust those people who don't pretend.

So you don't have to be strong and perfect.

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