Sep 28, 2012

The Best Season for Gibier

This week it's getting much cooler in Tokyo. I like a wild duck with soba noodle in hot soup, which is called "Kamo Namban (鴨南蛮)" in Japanese, so I can't wait for the best season for gibier.

I'm reading the book "Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America", which is really interesting. Now, I read about Nantucket Island in the age of the American Revolutionary War. At the present day Nantucket Island is a resort for celebrities, but at that time it was the center of world's whaling industry, where Ishmael embarked captain Ahab's whale ship in Moby-Dick. While the American Revolutionary War, most Nantucketers were interested in continuation of their whaling and trying to keep neutrality in order to avoid attacks of English navy and pirates on their whale ships.

When I took a business trip to Deli, India, I was surprised with "stray cows" walking around the streets with their own will. Although I knew that the cow was a holy animal for Hindus, "seeing is believing." I was more surprised that I found MacDonald's in Deli. What was a hamburger shop in India? I rushed into MacDonald's, and I found that they sold croquettes with buns.

Please imagine that a band of Indian anti-beef activists crowds at the countryside in New Zealand and let cattle free from livestock farmers. From my stand point of view, it's just the same as anti-whaling activists in Daichi, Japan, where dolphins traditionally have been caught and eaten.

If it isn't cruel that cattle is brought up to be killed and eaten, why it would be cruel that Daichi people kill and eat dolphins or whales? Because dolphins and whales are intellectual? How about cattle? Because they are wild? How about gibier?

We can't live without killing and eating living beings. Even vegans can't live without relying on the people who kill and eat living beings. I think that first of all we should look strait at this fact.

I like to eat gibier, simply because it tastes good. I couldn't wait for the best season for gibier, if "anti-kamo namban" activists said that it was cruel to kill and eat wild ducks.

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