Sep 23, 2012

How to Be "Uncool-Cool"

I'm just an ordinary "salary man" living and working in Tokyo, Japan, and just turned forty-five years old. I look typical middle-aged East Asian man. How can a man like me be cool? It's difficult for me to be conventionally cool, so my target is to be "uncool-cool".

When I watched Far East Movement's video "Live My Life", I realized how I could be "uncool-cool". "I'm gonna live my life. I know that we're gonna be alright!"

They thought East Asian people would be cool if they played hip-hop music, but then they realized their own style. There are many Japanese hip-hop musicians, who mimic black hip-hop music and fashion, but they are actually uncool, because hip-hop fashion doesn't suit them at all.

Kev Nish, a member of Far East Movement, shaves the side of his head and parts his hair on the side, wears hip-hop fashion. The combination of his hairstyle and his fashion is weird and uncool but at the same time cool. He is both uncool and cool. In other words, he's "uncool-cool."

Far East Movement reminds me of YMO, which was a Japanese techno-pop band in the1980s. They also did a sort of self-parody of Orientalism.

I found another example. Please watch this video, Psy's "Gangnam Style."

He is a fat middle-aged man, who dances a funny dance as hard as he can. He is far from coolness, but I can't stop watching him, because he is uncool-cool. Obviously, his video was influenced by Far East Movement.

Sometimes we tend to mimic people, who we think are cool, but this is just the way to be  uncool. It's important to realize what we are and to seek our own way to be cool. I think that my way to be cool is to be uncool-cool.

But I don't know why Far East Movement and Psy aren't popular in Japan. Don't you think that they are uncool-cool?

I watched many parodies of "Gangnam Style" on Youtube, and my favorite video is this. I felt the same sprit of Psy, laughing about oneself, from it.

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