Mar 25, 2012

Writing Is Thinking

The date of my first entry in my weblog is February 6 1997. At that time there was no blog service and even the word "blog". I wrote html by a text editor and uploaded to a rental server through a FTP client by myself. But what I had done was just "blogging".

I may be the biggest fan of my blog. I often read the entries on my weblog, and I'm always surprised, "Ah, this is exactly what I think!" Of course I'm happy, when I find that accesses to my weblog increase, but I guess that I basically write my blog to myself.

The main reason why I keep writing my blog for fifteen years is to think of something new. When I come across some issue that I want to understand, I'll write a new entry.

At first I've not understood about the issue, but I began to write what come into my head. At that time I myself didn't know the conclusion of the entry. While writing, I was getting to understand what I want to write. I read the draft of the entry and rewrite it, and then I become to understand about the issue more clearly. The process of writing the entry is just thinking of the issue.

Socrates didn't think that writing was important. He hadn't written any book. If Plato hadn't written the dialogues by Socrates, we couldn't know about Socrrates' philosophy. He thought that discussing was thinking.

I think that discussing is as important as writing. Especially criticism makes my thought deeper. Two different thoughts crush dialectically into new thought.

We think that we get a new conclusion through some discussion, but often times the conclusion isn't clear and we forget it sooner than we imagine. So I write about it, and I find how imperfect the conclusion is and make it clear.

I forgot what I wrote on my blog by myself, and then I read it to find what I thought.

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