Mar 17, 2012

Paperless Environment

At home I use iMac with a wireless keyboard and mouse. There is no cable coiled up like a snake on my desk and I'm satisfied with the simplicity of iMac.

At the office I use ThinkPad. My company gives us three choices of PC, a ThinkPad notebook, a ThinkPad laptop and a Lenovo's desktop PC. I chose a ThinkPad notebook with a high capacity battery.

I always bring it in the office. I stopped printing out documents and I read them on its display at the meetings.

I write a minute of the meeting while we are making a discussion and I send the minute by e-mail just when the meeting ends. Before I began to use my ThinkPad, I wrote the draft of a minute on my "notebook" by my hand, and then I typed it by PC on my desk and sent it by e-mail. Now I can save my time.

I like the feeling of the keyboard and the pointing stick of ThinkPad, but it's too small for me to use it on my desk. When I'm back to my desk, I connected a display, a mouse, and a keyboard to my ThinkPad.

It's very convenient to use two displays. I open a browser on one display and write by MS-Word on another display with reading references on the browser. Before I began to use two displays, I printed out the references and I wrote with reading the paper.

Now I'm considering that I should buy another display at home.

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