Mar 2, 2012

The End of Cold War; Berlin and Prague in the early spring of 1990

As I wrote in the entry ""断捨離 (dan sha ri)" Cutting Away, Throwing Away, and Getting Away", I'm cleaning up my home now, and I've found many interesting things.

One of them is an old video tape, which record my trip to Eastern Europe in the early spring of 1990. Now I don't have a video player, so I brought it to a camera shop and made it be converted into an mp4 file.

When I heard the news of the collapse of the Berlin Wall on November 1989, I thought that I should go and see it.

As I mentioned in the entry "Writing with a Pen or Typing with a Keyboard", I usually don't bring a camera on my trip, but on this trip I brought a video camera, because I wanted to record the history by myself.

This is the Berlin Wall on March 1990. I have a piece of the Berlin Wall.

At that time, there exited East Germany and East Berlin, although the citizen of East Germany already were allowed to visit West Germany freely.

I got into East Berlin through the check point Charlie, which was managed by U.S. army. I went to Berlin tower at Alexanderplatz, which was a typical building in a socialist country.

When I took a night train to Prague, I argued when Germany would reunite with passengers in the train, and our conclusion was around five years after. But in fact they reunited on October 1990.

The Velvet revolution brought down communist regime on November 1989 in Czechoslovakia.

The president of Czechoslovakia (, at that time Czech and Slovakia hadn't separated yet) was Václav Havel, and there were many posters of Tomáš Masaryk on the streets, who was the first president of Czechoslovakia.

The Velvet revolution was almost peaceful, but there were some victims. People gathered to Václavské plaza and commemorated the victims of the revolution.

Time has flown so quickly. What did Agota Kristof think of it? ("L'analphabète (The Illiterate)" )

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