Jul 27, 2011

A Woman Is Always Wise and A Man Is Always Stupid.

I've just finished reading the interview with Haruomi Hosono, a musician who I've introduce in my journal "Smells of Tokyo", "Bunbuku Chagama (分福茶釜)". (It would too long to explain the meaning of "Bunbuku Chagama" so, I'm sorry, but for today I've given up writing the explanation of it today. )

When I read his interviews, I often think that he expresses how I myself feel about things. I guess that one reason might be that he and I both come from a similar background that of the ordinary "salaryman's" family in uptown Tokyo.

The section of the book which has the most resonance for me is when he says,

When I make a woman angry, I'm no match for her. She has every reason to be angry. When I try to argue with her, I see where I've gone wrong and then loss my conviction."


YES! I agree more than 100%.

Sometimes women are angry at me. Whenever that happens, they always have a good reason to be and inevitably I'm in the wrong. But I never understand that I made a fatal mistake, until they become angry. And then I feel really disappointed with myself for having been so stupid.

I rarely get angry with women, but whenever I do get angry at women, I always make misunderstands and they are right. So I’m also really disappointed with myself for being so stupid.

I can't help wondering why it is that women are always wise and men are always stupid.

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