Jul 6, 2011

Getting Addicted to the Magic of Mac

Basically I hadn't been particularly concerned about the brand of PC I used. It was enough for me just to be able to use a mailer, a browser, MS-Office and iTunes on PC.

I use a Lenovo desktop PC with Windows XP at my office, just because it's my company's standard PC. I don't especially like Lenovo PC, but I have no complaints about them either. It's just a tool for my work. That's all.

At home, I used to use a home-made PC, for no reason other than it was cheap. Then when I couldn't be bothered putting together another PC for myself, I bought Dell PC again, because it was cheap.

I wasn't particularly enamoured of these either, but nor did I didn't have any complaints about them, either. I was able to check e-mails, view websites and write and upload journals onto my weblog. That was more than enough.

But then the Dell PC started to break down frequently, so I decided to buy a new one. I went to a PC shop and looked around for a PC, but couldn't find the one that I wanted to buy. PCs made by Japanese made PCs were not so simple and had a lot of functions that I would never use. I didn't want to watch TV programs on PC and I didn't need a key to launch a mailer.

I walked around the shop, and I saw an iMac. I hadn't been interested in Macs before, but the iMac looked both cool and simple at that time. So I bought an iMac on impulse, and as a result I pleased with its simplicity.

iMac consists of one body, and I use Wifi, a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, so I don't get annoyed by cables anymore. I had no trouble changing over from Windows XP to Mac OS X and I've been able to use a mailer, a browser, MS-Office and iTunes smoothly.

After I began to use iMac, I found myself seduced by the Magic of Mac. The function and performance of an iMac isn't that different from a Windows' PC (at least for me). But I feel good using an iMac. I'm using an Apple Magic Mouse, and it's a great pleasure to stroke it.

In the morning I check e-mails and some websites on my iMac at home, and enjoy the feeling of the mouse. And then I touch the Lenovo's mouse at the office, it feels wrong somehow. Something about it is different from the Apple Magic Mouse. This is the magic of Mac.

Right now I'm using an ordinary cell phone but someday I'll buy a smart phone. I think that an Android smart phone is OK from a functional standpoint. But I'll probably buy an iPhone, because of my growing addiction to the Magic of Mac.


  1. Same thing happened to me. As a rule, gadgets don't interest me at all. One day a couple of years back somebody gave me an i phone. Ridiculously easy to use. When my old computer breathed its last I followed up with an imac. Then latterly an ipad. I think each of these are among the very few "things" I'd recommend. When I say things, I'm not talking about books or trains or records or trees because these are living,sentient "things". But these mac "things" just move with me. Quietly, reassuringly. All very strange

  2. I've just bought an iMac yet, haha. My wife bought a MacBookAir, and I also want it....

  3. Hi, I've been planning to buy a macbook but I can't decide if I should buy online or not. Its a lot cheaper on sites like amazon and rakuten than on apple itself.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I bought iMac on Apple site, but I don't know if there is any difference between on other site.