Jan 16, 2011

Idealism and Greed in America

Sarah Palin is blamed for her responsibility for the tragedy in Tucson.

There is an opposition between idealism and greed in America. (By the way, in Japan there is no idealism but only greed.)

The fact that Barack Obama was elected as the first African America president in the last election symbolized American idealism. Withdrawal from Iraq, building of a universal healthcare system, nuclear abolition and abolition of a concentration camp in Guantanamo, although the last two of them have not been realized, are idealistic policies.

On the other hand the tea party movement and Sarah Palin symbolized American greed. Just two years after the last presidential election they speak out against Barack Obama’s idealistic policies based on their greed.

On my foreigner’s standpoint of view American greed symbolized by the tea party movement is dangerous. Shooting Gabrielle Giffords was a big tragedy. I hope that America people will turn around to their idealism by this tragedy.

But sometimes America imposes its own ideal to other countries without any reference of their context. It might be a problem.

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