Jan 17, 2011

I Am Searching for Someone, Although I Myself Don’t Know Whom I Am Searching for.

I had a dream.

In it, I am searching for someone, although I myself don’t know who I am searching for.

I grab a cab, and share it with a strangers.

He asks the driver to go to Komagome Station. When the cab arrives near Komagome Station, he says to get in front of an electric signboard on which winning records of Sumo wrestling are displayed.

The driver says that the stranger should say earlier and it must be over there. The driver rush around a corner. The cab arrives at a cemetery, and the driver says to get out here.

There are not any signboards but many graves. A woman wearing a Kimono is coming, and gestures to come this way.

I follow her, and I find myself in a huge and futuristic building. Inside of it is a big dome space made by dark black metal, and there is a black cube in the center.

The woman asks me if I want to see inside of the cube, I answer yes. A part of the cube opens like a window, and I can see inside of it.

There is a huge blast furnace, and iron is burning deep red.

I don’t know why I am there.

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