Jan 4, 2011

A Dream of a Rive Dolphin

I had a dream last night.

I am in a tropical big river. It might be Amazon River.

I board a small boat with a local guide. Water of the river is cloudy white, and I can’t see under the water.

The guide says that you can swim with a river dolphin diving to the river. I dive into the river without any clothes.

I can’t see well in the water of the river. I dive for a while, I dully see a big thing coming toward me.

I find it is a river dolphin. It is white and twice as big as me, and swims slowly.

I press myself against a belly of the dolphin. It continues to swim, it doesn’t look like caring me. I am not choking despite diving in the water long time. I swim with it for a while.

I think what should be done, when a baby of me and the dolphin born. I think if we bring up the baby in the water or on the ground.

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