Aug 31, 2013

Superman, the Loneliest Superhero: My Impression of the Movie “Man of Steel”

I saw the movie “Man of Steel” in an IMAX theater.

I didn’t like Superman, because he was so comical and  he didn’t look cool at all. For example his costume was too gaudy. People who love the original superman would think that “Man of Steel” is too serious, but I was moved deeply by this powerful movie.

Superheroes are lonely, because they are too special for ordinary people to understand them. They show their superpower to try to save people, but their superpower makes people fear them. Superheroes are like Jesus who was betrayed by the people he wanted to help.

I think that Superman is the loneliest superhero. 

Bruce Wayne is basically an ordinary human being. He wanted to be special, and he wears a mask to be Batman. 

On other hand, Kal-El was born in the planet Krypton and he isn’t a human being. He is fundamentally different from people on the planet earth. But he fought against and killed Kryptonians to save human beings. He is far lonelier than Bruce Wayne. 

The plot of this movie expressed the loneliness of Superman very well. He is lonely, so the plot couldn’t be comical but serious.

As an aside, Diane Lane, who played Martha Kent, Clark’s mother on Earth, was great. I was surprised that Laurence Fishburne has became so fat.

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