Aug 27, 2013

An Autumn Night in Tokyo

I’m writing this entry while listening to the rain late at night.

As I wrote in yesterday’s entry “Don't Forget about Global Warming,” this is the hottest summer of my life. If I left the air conditioner on all night long, I would get out of shape, but it was too hot for me to sleep this summer.

Since yesterday, it has been much cooler. Autumn is coming to Tokyo, now.

This summer, heavy downpour frequently struck Tokyo, but the rain falling now isn’t a tropic downpour but a drizzling autumn rain.

Summer downpours are wild. They start suddenly with lightning and thunders, and then suddenly stop. On the other hand autumn rains are calm. The sounds make me settle down.

These last two months it was hard for me to think about anything, and I hardly wrote this weblog. A long and silent autumn night is perfect for reading and writing something.

I saw a light in the window next door. I’m wondering what they are doing in this deep autumn night.

秋深き隣は何をする人ぞ 松尾芭蕉


  1. Maybe I'm just getting used to Tokyo's humidity, but this summer felt cooler than usual to me!

    My hottest Tokyo summer was 2007, when a temperature of 38 degrees wasn't unusual.

    Remember the thunderstorm last Friday afternoon? I sat under an umbrella in Yoyogi Park while the drama played out. Awesome.

    I'm glad autumn is cautiously approaching. It's my favourite time. I'll have to visit your nearby cemetery again. :)

  2. You felt cooler this summer, didn't you? Really? Umm.

    I remember that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigned in the summer of 2007.

    Anyway, it's hot enough for me this summer.