Apr 5, 2013

Misfortunes Never Come Singly: The Worst Season Opener of the New York Yankees in These Twenty Years

In this off-season, the Yankees didn’t actively acquire new players, because the owner of the Yankees, Hal Steinbrenner, decided to avoid pay luxury tax.

In MLB, teams whose amount of salary of their players exceeds a limit should pay luxury tax.  If a team wants to avoid luxury tax, it shall reduce the amount of salary.

Consequently, the member of the Yankees in this season was much worse than the previous season.

Furthermore, leading players got injured continuously. Now, there is no Jeter, Teixeira,  Granderson, or A-Rod in the Yankee’s bench.

At the opening game in this season, Sabathia, who is the ace pitcher of the Yankees, was in bad shape. In addition, Kuroda, who is the most reliable rotation pitcher, was hit at his right hand by a line drive at the next game.

Misfortunes never come singly. This is the worst season opener of the New York Yankees in these twenty years.

In other words, it is worst now. I hope that it will not be worse than now.

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