Apr 19, 2013

Actually I Like to Wait for Someone's Response to the Story that I Threw to the Ocean

Tori Miki, who is a manga artist and essayist, wrote that he liked Twitter much better than Facebook on his column.

I completely agree with him, so I'd like to translate selected passages of his column into English:

"I Love You, Because I'm Selfish" (自分勝手だから、君を愛している)  Tori Miki (Nikkei Business Online) 

In addition to Twitter, I sort of use Facebook in a sort. 
Although I use Facebook, honestly I don't like Facebook better than Twitter.
That is Because Facebook has too much functions and so on. 
I like Twitter, because it is simple and inconvenient. 
First of all, I like the equivalence and parallel of one hundred forty words of each tweet. 
Nobody tries to preach about the correct use of Twitter, and I can use it however I like.
It's OK to tweet irresponsibly, and you don't have to reply them. It's free. You can decide whom you follow and unfollow without any concern. I like the ease of Twitter. 
Originally, I hate closed communities, such as relatives, local community, and school cliques, so I run away from them and do a job like this. Because I want to do things as I like and don't want to belong to any thing, so Twitter fits me very much. 
I can tweet even silly jokes all day long. 
As I wrote that I hated closed communities. When I say so, someone is surprised and says to me “But your manga and tweet are so deep and intricate.”  
Although it may be true, I don’t like to send such stories to closed communities where everyone can understand them. Well, you don’t think that’s interesting at all, do you? Actually I like to wait for someone's response to the story that I threw to the ocean. 
Even editors and fans have the wrong idea, but a deep and intricate story should be used in a major group.
In my weblog, sometimes I wrote a deep entry, which I myself wonder who would be interested in. But occasionally someone from somewhere in the Internet Ocean, would give a comment to such an entry. It resembles fishing.

And today I also go fishing in the Internet Ocean to get someone who understands my deep entry.


  1. "I like to wait for someone's response to the story that I threw to the ocean."


  2. PS: Japanese has a big advantage over English when it comes to tweets: one kanji is the equivalent of several letters. :)

    1. Chinese has a bigger advantage, and Egyptian hieroglyph has a much bigger advantage, dose it?

  3. I like Facebook because it lets me interact with the people I know, mostly local here in Orlando (Florida) but some are in other parts of the country, or relatives, and a few friends overseas. Twitter is too snappy for my taste. Do you know "snappy"? If fishing in the ocean, "snappy" would be the little bait fish. :-)

    1. I keep in touch with people who I know through "Line" (http://line.naver.jp/en/), which is smart phone app and quite popar in Japan now. It may be more "snappy" than twitter, haha...