Apr 3, 2013

A Cat in Love on a Spring Night

Last night, some stray cats in my neighborhood were fighting and shouting at each other, and running around on the roof of the house next door.

Each haiku should have a seasonal word, which was called a "kigo" (季語).

"A cat in love" (恋猫) is one of the seasonal words of spring. In spring, tomcats fight over mates.

Shuson Kato, who is a famous modern haiku poet, wrote a haiku about a cat in love:

A cat in love
Licks a dish at once
And goes calling

恋猫の皿舐めてすぐ鳴きにゆく 加藤楸邨

I'm wondering if I will also hear cats in love calling tonight.

A cat in love is
Running through
The dark night

暗闇を駆け抜けてゆく恋の猫 山羊庵


  1. They were feeling amorous even in the rain? :)

    1. To tell the truth, I wrote this entry the day before yesterday...

    2. Aha. I was thinking, "Wow, that cat was REALLY in love!" (^0^)