May 5, 2012

Religions in the Modern Society

As a typical Japanese, I don't believe in any religions. I don't know what agnostic exactly means, but I guess that I might not be an agnostic. I just don't believe in any religion but at the same time I don't deny any of the religions.

I feel close to the philosophy of Buddhism, but I think that Buddha just was a human being and I don't accept the idea that he was sacred.

On the other hand, I also feel animistic feelings and visit shrines, but my viewpoint is primarily that of modern science..

I wonder how Christians can believe in Christianity in this modern society. Modern science denies the theological assumptions of Christianity, and how do they harmonize modern science with Christianity.

For a "Pagan", it's really difficult to understand the principles of Christianity, because they seem to be quite contradictory. The most mysterious principle in Christianity is the Holy Trinity.

Who is Jesus? What is the existence of the son of the Almighty God? Did Jesus, himself, know that he was the son of God? When he was crucified, did he know that God would help him? If he knew it, the crucifixion wasn't a challenge, but if he didn't know it, I doubt his divinity. And then where had he gone after his resurrection?

I found that Linus asked Lucy some simple questions about Jesus in the comic "Peanuts". I'm not only one who is wondering about Christianity.

Islam is more rational than Christianity. They deny the concept of the son of God and the Holy Trinity, because God is one, not three.

I don't agree with the theory of the anti-evolutionism, but I can understand why they, who believe in Christianity, believe in the evolutionism. It's logical. For a barbaric animist, I don't understand that how they can accept Christianity and evolutionism at the same time, because they are contradicted each other.

But the principles of every religion must have contradiction. If there is a religion without any contradictions, people can understand them and don't have to believe in them. For me Buddhism isn't a religion in this sense.

On the contrary, Christianity contains contradiction, so Christians have to believe in it, but they can't understand it. In this sense, Christianity is more religious than Islam.

A religion is a religion.


  1. Hello! My name is David, I live in Canada, and I am a Christian. I noticed that you asked many questions about Jesus and Christianity. I also noticed that you made many errors about Christian teachings. Even the very basics! If you are interested, I could try to answer your questions.��.

    One more thing... that Peanuts cartoon you posted is not the actual dialogue from the original cartoon. Someone put different words in. Charles Schulz was a very strong Christian and I know he would be very, very hurt/ angry with whomever put in the different dialogue. The words put into the cartoon misrepresent Christianity very badly!

    Again, if you are interested, please email me any questions you have. also, here is my Church . You can find out about what Christians believe.

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  5. aaand.... here is the original comic with the original words. It was actually about Goldilocks and the 3 bears...