May 12, 2012

Playing with "Cool Biz"

Last year I wrote an entry about "Cool Biz".

I'd like to quote this entry to explain what "Cool Biz" is.

It's quite hot in the summer season of Tokyo, but, as I wrote in the previous journal, a typical "salaryman" always wears a dark business suit and tie, no matter how hot it is.

The ministry of Environment started a campaign called "Cool Biz". They insisted that salarymen should take off their jackets and ties in order to save the environment. Do you understand the relationship between salarymen's suits and the environment? They said that companies should raise the temperature in their offices to save electricity and salaryman should take off their jackets and ties to be able to stand high temperatures. Poor "Salarymen"!

Anyway "Cool Biz" has spread over salarymen and they have taken off their jackets and ties in the summer season. And of course it has been hotter in their office.

"Cool Biz" started in the beginning of May. Now I don't have to wear my jacket and tie while working in my office.

As I wrote in the previous entry about "Cool Biz", my company's dress code is so ridiculous that I'm trying to resist it.

A few years ago, Kazuhiro Kokubo, who was a member of Japan's snowboarding team for the Vancouver Olympics, was criticized for wearing the Japanese team's uniform of Japan's team in a quite rough way.

How do you think of his sense of fashion?

It's cool, isn't it? I think that he is a professional snowboard player and his fashion as a snowboarder is a part of his profession. If he wore a uniform in the proper way, he wouldn't look like a snowboarder and his fans would feel disappointed.

I read a newspaper article about Zuckerberg's hoodie. He wore his trademark hoodie at the meeting with Wall Street bankers, and someone blamed him about his fashion.

What's the matter? Should Zuckerberg wear a well-tailored suit? Kokubo is Kokubo, and Zuck is Zuck.

Japanese high school girls are trying to wear their uniforms in a "kawaii " (cute) way. A game is more interesting, because it has rules. They enjoy their fashion under the rules of uniform.

Now I'm trying to enjoy fashion within the rule of "Cool Biz".

One day, I wore a jacket and a tie just for form, but the jacket made of linen was casual, and I undid the top button of my shirt and loosened a knit tie.

Another day, I didn't ware a jacket and a tie, but I wore a blue striped shirt and a dark grey pleated pants looking like a "salary man".

I'm playing with "Cool Biz".

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