Apr 11, 2012

Paul Stuart and Paul Smith

When I go to work, I wear a business suit. It's a kind of "cosplay" for me. In the morning I change into a business suit, and I can feel my role as a "salaryman".

I used to buy Paul Stuart's suits, shirts and ties. Paul Stuart, which was founded in New York, is a traditional American wear store.

Although I don't know why, I don't look nice in Italian suits, and I think that British suits are too traditional for me. So I liked Paul Stuart's suits and when I wear them, I feel as if I were a businessman working in Manhattan. (It's New Yorker "cosplay" for me.)

I was one of the regulars at the Paul Stuart store in Ginza, Tokyo. I also loved the atmosphere and the staff members of this store. It was really nice and cozy to talk with familiar staffs and to choose new suits, shirts and ties.

But Paul Stuart Japan was bought by a Japanese apparel maker, Sanyo Shokai, and everything had changed. Paul Stuart Japan was "Japanized" and lost its New York flavor. I couldn't do New Yorker's "cosplay" wearing Paul Stuart's suits any more. I have great regrets about it, but I won't visit Paul Stuart store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Last summer I made a journey to the East coast of the U.S. and I visited the Paul Stuart store near Grand Central Terminal in New York. I enjoyed buying a shirt with broad blue stripes, which was very popular among New Yorkers.

But I can't visit the Paul Stuart store in New York very often, so I've changed the store where I buy business suits. Now I wear Paul Smith business suits. Paul Smith is a British designer but the suits aren't too conservative and look smart.

Now I go to the office wearing a Paul Smith business suit "cosplaying" a snob "saralyman".

Paul Stuart Japan
Paul Stuart U.S.
Paul Smith Japan
Paul Smith U.K.

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