Apr 23, 2012

"The Dark Knight"

Spoiler warning: Plot and ending of "The Dark Knight" follow.

I'm really looking forward to the last film of the "The Dark Knight" trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises", which will be released in this summer. So I reviewed "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". I was quite impressed by them.

The story of "Batman Begins" is about the reason why Bruce Wayne became Batman, and the story of "The Dark Knight" is about overcoming adversity. But at the same time he lost a lot of things and became "the dark knight".

Alfred, a faithful butler of Bruce Wayne, talked to Bruce, when Bruce returned from his work as a Batman with his injury.
Alfred: Now, your limit, master Wayne.
Bruce: Batman has no limit.
Alfred: But you do, sir.
At this time, Bruce hadn't realized the fact that even Batman had his limit.

Harvey Dent, a prosecutor believing in justice, and Bruce were fighting against the evil in Gotham City together. Harvey talked to the citizen of Gotham City about hope.
Harvey: The night is darkest just before dawn. I promise you, "Dawn is coming."
They were "heroes", so they were bound by their morality. For example, Batman could never kill anyone. But their enemy, Joker, was completely free from any rules. He could do anything and drove them into the corner.
Joker: I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, do you know about chaos? It's fear.
Bruce realized his inability and talked to Alfred.
Bruce: What do I have to do?
Alfred: Endure, master Wayne.
And then, Batman tried to wiretap all people in Gotham City in order to find where Joker was.
Batman: Beautiful, isn't it?
Fox: Beautiful, unethical, dangerous. This is wrong.
In the end, Harvey dropped into his dark side like Darth Vader.
Joker: I took Gotham's white knight and I brought him to our level. It wasn't hard. Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All I take is a little push.

Harvey: The world is cruel. The only morality in the cruel world is chance.
Batman dared to suffer the disgrace saving Harvey's honor as Gotham's white knight. At the end of "The Dark Knight", Batman, as a dark knight, was chased by police.
Gordon: He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.
I'd like to talk a little about myself.

When I was 20's and 30's, I believed that I had no limit. If I had been serious, I could do anything, I thought. But in fact, I was never so serious and I couldn't accomplish anything.

After I have suffered from depression, I realized that I had my own limit. I asked myself what I had to do and just endured my worthlessness. So I can understand how Harvey and Bruce felt.

I myself can come back to our society. I'm looking forward to seeing how Batman, as a dark knight, will get himself back in "The Dark Knight Rises".

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