Nov 30, 2011

Thank You for 10,000 Accesses

I started this weblog on Dec. 27, 2010, "Keeping a Dream Journal". Although I wrote journals in bad English, I could get over 10,000 accesses almost for a year.

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, danke schön, grazie mille, muchas gracias, muito obrigado, 多謝, 대단히 감사해, どうもありがとう!

Anyway it's interesting to see the stats of the access log of my weblog.

1. Popular Posts
(1) "Haruki Murakami's Speech on Catalonia International Prize "As an Unrealistic Dreamer". Jun 14, 2011 1,876

This journal was a turning point of the weblog. Although my journal was full of mistakes, this is the first English translation of Murakami's Speech in Catalonia, so many fan of Murakami, who couldn't read Japanese, checked this journal. After posting the journal, the number of the accesses to my weblog has increased significantly. I reminded the broad popularity of Haruki Murakami.

(2) "I Love the "Past Perfect Tense"" Jun 26, 2011 214
(3) "Multilingualism and Literature" Jun 6, 2011 141

The main readers of my weblog might be Japanese language learner, so the journals about language are more popular.

2. Previews by Countries
(1) Japan 3,014
(2) United States 2,700
(3) France 525
(4) Germany 368
(5) United Kingdom 342
(6) Canada 221
(7) Russia 194
(8) Australia 157
(9) Malaysia 135
(10) Romania 114

I was surprised that accesses from non-English countries were large. Especially who does read my weblog from Romania?

3. Pageviews by Browsers
(1) Firefox 2,848 (27%)
(2) Internet Explorer 2,716 (26%)
(3) Chrome 2,285 (22%)
(3) Safari 1,721 (16%)

The shares of Firefox, IE, and Chrome are almost even. I use Chrome, because it's light and fast.

4. Pageviews by Operating Systems
(1) Windows 5,800 (57%)
(2) Macintosh 2,477 (24%)
(3) Linux 742 (7%)
(4) iPhone 434 (4%)
(5) Android 221 (2%)

It's surprising that the accesses through smart phones are so little. I guess that my journals are too long to read by smart phone's small display.

I'll keep a journal next year. I hope you will enjoy my weblog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.


  1. I guess it is our pleasure! I really like to read your journal. Gambatte!

  2. Thank you. I always see your beautiful photos.

  3. Many thanks. I thought that you would like to know what is the latest news about Japan in Portugal. Apparently some very expensive cars had an accident in some highway in Japan, and this is all over the Portuguese newspapers. Interestingly, I overheard a comment of some people in the subway, and the idea was that people must be really rich in Japan for such a thing to happen there. How much a specific news can influence the way people think about other countries. I found this interesting.

    You can see some of the news here:

    In this national newspaper, it is the most viewed piece of news:

  4. I was very surprised about this news, too.

    A group of Ferrari lovers drove together and crashed each other. Usually we don't see such many Ferraris at once, haha.