Nov 20, 2011

A Dream in Daytime

I've been having headaches and feeling tired, so I spent time to take a nap in the bed in all daytime today.

I had many strange dreams. I can only remember their strangeness itself, but I almost forgot their stories. I can remember the fragments of one dream about London and the Beatles.

In that dream;

I was watching a movie lying on the bare ground in the open air. I could see stars shining in the sky.

I saw the views of London with the Beatles' songs in this movie. The guards were walking in front of the Buckingham Palace with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

Some of my friends bothered me walking around. I wanted to be concentrated on the Beatles' songs, so I kicked them out.

I found myself in London. The Beatles' songs were still blasting from the sky. I heard "Lady Madonna" and I thought that Paul's vocals were always amazing.

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