Sep 24, 2011

The Spirit of Rock's Spread All over the World!

I wrote that Hip Hop killed Rock on this weblog "The Song for All of the Stupid Boys in the Word". Inamoto, who is an old friend of mine, gave me a comment that Rock wasn't dead and linked to this video from "Heimin Shinbun" (this entry is full of amazing videos!)

When I watched this video, I literally laughed out loudly.

I don't know who he is at all. He might be a Russian, because the title of this video looks like Cyrillic letters (although I'm not sure that they are really Cyrillic letters.)

He looked over sixty years old, so I guess that he's played Rock since the era of the Soviet Union. I have no idea how pop music was in the era of the Soviet Union, but he might like British Rock, because he played a riff from Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water."

He was playing the guitar like crazy and shouted, "ROCK 'n' ROLL", on the street but nobody gave him a tip or even looked at him. I really want to give him a tip, but I'm disappointed that I can't. He had the real spirit of Rock.

The origin of Rock was the dance music played by black musicians in early 1950s called "Rock 'n' Roll". Little Richard or Chuck Berry couldn't even imagine their music spreading overseas to te Soviet Union and such an old rocker playing Rock on the street in Russia, could they?

Pop music is traveling all over the world. After black musicians made up "Rock 'n' Roll," white musicians began to play it and musicians in UK sophisticated it into "Rock". Jamaican musicians, who were inspired by Rock, developed Reggae. Immigrants from Jamaica to New York were one of the roots of Hip Hop music.

And then I, living in the Far East of the world, met an old Russian musician playing Rock on the street with the real Rock spirit through the Internet. It's a miracle, isn't it.

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