Sep 5, 2011

Please Wait for Me, Mr. President.

August 1st is the anniversary of my company. It's a holiday for the company and every year a golf competition is held, because it's a weekday and the price of playing golf is cheaper than on the weekend.

I don't have a car, so I took a train to the golf course carrying my caddy bag on my back. My score, which I don't want to write about, was 67-52. I got the big wave prize, which means that the difference of the score between the first half and the second half is greatest.

The good thing about not driving a car is being able to drink beer after playing golf. Although people who drove a car to the golf course drank beer without alcohol (of course real beer tastes far better than non-alcoholic beer!), I enjoyed the "real" beer at the party after the competition.

When the party was over, I looked for someone who could drive me home and I stood up and said, "Is there someone who will go near Zoshigaya?" And then, I was surprised that the president of my company (at the present day, is he called "CEO"?) said, "I'll take you home, because it's on my way." I was so afraid about what I should talk in one-on-one with him for more than an hour.

While I spent an hour with him in his chauffeur-driven car, which was like a submarine with him, I came to understand his personality quite well (his personality is the top secret of the company, so I can't write about it openly here) and he might know who I was. Anyway it was precious time for me, but I was wondering how I would decline taking his car at the next competition.

That night I had a nightmare.

I was standing at the roadside carrying a caddy bag on my back. I seemed to be waiting for the president to pick me up. His huge black car came to me, but it didn't stop and passed by. The shielded, black rear window opened and the president's face appeared. He shouted out "run, yagian, run!" I couldn't understand what happened, but I started running after the car.

The heavy caddy bag dug at my shoulder. It stopped at a crossing and I caught up with him. But the light turned green and it started. The president opened the window again and shouted out "run, run, run" laughing with a full smile. I wanted to say, "Please wait for me, Mr. President", but my voice didn't come from my throat.

I just kept running, wondering if I could play golf after running after the car to the golf course.

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