Sep 11, 2011

How to Brush Teeth

Recently I went to a dentist after a long time. He told me that I didn't have any cavites but I should learn how to brush my teeth because my teeth were stained.

A week later I went to the dentist again and his assistant taught me how to brush my teeth. I'll write about the points of brushing teeth in order to follow her advice.

You should choose a brush with small, soft and slight bristles. It's better if top of its bristles is flat.

An electrical brush is also good, if its bristles meet these criteria. You can brush your teeth faster by using an electrical brush rather than an ordinary brush. But it doesn't mean that an ordinary brush isn't good at all.

You don't need toothpaste when you brush your teeth. You can't brush your teeth with toothpaste for long enough and look at how you brush your teeth. If you like to use toothpastes, you should put a small amount of toothpaste about the size of a green pea on your brush.

It isn't bad to use mouthwash after brushing teeth, but using it doesn't substitute for brushing teeth. You should brush your teeth to wash out stains first, and then you use mouthwash.

holding a brush
You should hold a brush lightly like a pencil. Don't hold it too tightly.

brushing teeth
You should brush your teeth softly, one by one moving your brush from up to down. It's easier to brush a back tooth, if you don't open your mouth too widely.
And then you should brush the base of your teeth. You put your brush on the base at an angle and vibrate it around softly.

timing of brushing teeth
It's good to brush teeth after eating something. It's especially important to brush them before going to the bed, because bacteria are growing in your mouth while you are sleeping.

That's it.

After her lecture, I immediately bought an electrical brush through Now I feel that my teeth are smoother than before the lecture.


  1. Toothbrushing feels really good. Imagine having a perfect smile and fresh breath when talking to someone you like. He/she might start to fall for you! That aside, it's true that a mouthwash is not an ample substitute for brushing your teeth.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, toothbrushing feels really good!