Jun 9, 2013

It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Last Friday I got a holiday.

My wife and I went to Omiya Kokusai Country Club to play golf, and then we ate sushi with beer and white wine. In June, it is a rainy season in Japan, but this year, it has rained little until now. It was a really nice day for golf.

My last visit to Omiya Kokusai Country Club was on March eleventh, 2011. At that time I played golf with my parents and wife. Just after we finished the eighteenth hole, while we were walking to the clubhouse, the great earthquake happened.

I couldn’t keep standing and sat on the road. I saw the surface of the ground waving and the cars in the parking lot jumping up for several minutes.

I couldn’t remember well how I played that day, but I found that it was my best score in my lifetime by reading the scorecard.

After that I began completely to change my swing, because I thought that I couldn’t play better with my swing of that day. My score was getting worse and worse. Even I couldn’t hit a ball well.

I believed that someday I would be able to play much better, but at the same time I felt like being in the darkest dungeon. 

Tiger Woods had been in slump for two years after his scandal and injury, but he has changed his swing and been back in great form this year. I didn’t know if I could do as well as Tiger Woods, but at least it might be possible for me to get out of the dungeon.

Last Friday, my score was as good as on March 11. Finally I found the light of the exit of the dungeon. I was convinced that I would improve my score much better.

My golf coach said, "you won't lose easily what you learn with a great effort."

It's always darkest before the dawn.


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  2. "You won't lose easily what you learn with a great effort". This is so encouraging, and I think it's true for many things in life, not only sports!

    1. I think so. Sometimes my coach says a really good thing.