Jun 2, 2013

I Bought a Sony Product After Such a Long Time

Recently, the performances of Japanese consumer electronics companies, such as Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp, are quite weak. Sony invented “Walkman,” but now Apple dominates the portable audio device market. Samsung is the world’s leading TV manufacturer, though Japanese electronics companies used to dominate its market.

In fact, there is no product that made by Japanese electronics companies, which I want to buy. Most Japanese products are high functional, but I don’t need these functions. Japanese companies don’t understand what consumers want and miss the point.

I’m using iPhone now, and it’s enough for me. I haven’t bought Sony and Panasonic products in these years.

I always listen to music by iPhone on my way to the office. On the weekend, I go swimming. I wanted to listen to my favorite music, but of course I couldn’t use iPhone in water. So I wanted to buy a Waterproof Walkman, when I heard it could be used in water. This product just hit my point.

In the end, I bought a Waterproof Walkman last weekend. I can’t remember when I bought a Sony product last.

I read the comments on the Waterproof Walkman on Amazon.com. Some said that it was perfect for swimming, but others said that water got into ears and they couldn’t listen to music well.

Last Friday, I tried it in water, and it was perfect for me to listen to music during swimming. I'm very satisfied.

Before I bought it, I used iPhone and an earphone, but the cable bothered me. Now I use it on my way to office, because it doesn’t have a cable. 

Waterproof Walkman isn’t high functional. Its memory is only 4GB, and it doesn’t have a liquid crystal screen. It is just compact and waterproofed, but it perfectly meets my demand. The point isn’t how the product is high functional but how it meets the consumer’s demand.

The original Walkman is the same as it. It was just compact. It didn’t even have a mike or a speaker, although there was no audio player without a speaker at that time.

I am wondering if Sony is really back.

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