Jan 8, 2013

Working Mothers Are Always Running

Yesterday, I was listening to Radio Head at full blast on my headphones when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder as I passed through office security.

I turned round to find one of my colleagues smiling at me. I turned off my headphones, and looked at her. She was already running away from me, calling out, "Hi ! Happy New Year! Catch you later."

Recently she came back from childcare leave, and now she is now a working mother.

I also have another colleague who is a working mother. She also runs whenever she leaves the office because she has to to pick up her twins from preschool. I think that they are really great.

Seeing her disappear into the distance, made me want to write a haiku.


A mother is running through a pine decoration


  1. When I read your haiku, it was as if a short movie started playing in my head. Very strong image!

    PS: I don't know how mothers do it. I barely have enough time for myself and my books and one other person!

    1. Yes, the scene that my colleague ran away really impressed me.