Oct 13, 2012

Boy's Culture and Girl's Culture

The wallpaper of my PC is from "Sin City." I love this picture.

I said to a female colleague, "This picture is so cool, isn't it?" She replied, "Mm, I don't know if it is or not and, in any case, I'm not really interested in cool things." When, my friend, who's really into comics, said that she didn't know a single girl who liked "Sin City", I began to think that perhaps this kind of coolness was a boy thing.

I wrote about "The Dark Knight" on my weblog. I really love this movie. But my friend said that, although boys might love "The Dark Knight", she, herself, liked Tim Burton's Batman movies more because they were colorful and fun whereas "The Dark Knight" was too heavy  "The Dark Knight" was influenced by the American comic, "Batman: the Dark Knight Returns", which was also created/drawn by the same artist/author who drew/created "Sin City". Maybe thinking the "The Dark Knight" is cool is another boy thing.

Although I know that it is very controversial, I feel that gangsta rap is coolest in hip hop music. Contemporary hip hop music is too commercialized for me. How do you think about Ice-T? It also might be the thing in boy's culture.

The valley between boy's culture and girl's culture is so deep.


  1. I'm not sure. As a woman I loved Dark Knight (Dark Knight Rises wasn't as good, but I enjoyed it) and I generally like action movies. I've never read Sin City, but it would definitely be something I would consider. I think talking about "boys" vs "girls" culture is difficult, especially in the US where there is a lot of overlap, especially when it comes to women liking "boys" things, like video games, action movies, or comics.

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    I agree with you that there are many women who like "boys" things and many men who like "girls" things. Sometimes I read "kawaii" girls comics.