Aug 18, 2012

The Perfect Climate for T-shirts

I visited Kauai Island, one of the Hawaiian islands for this summer vacation.

It's the fifth time to visit Hawaii, and the first time Kauai. I love to spend time on tropical islands, especially Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii.

What I like most about Hawaii is its climate.

In Tokyo it's hot, moist, and, uncomfortable in summer. In daytime temperature rises over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), and I pour sweat in the open. In nighttime it keeps over 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), and I can't sleep well. In doors it's too cool for me with air conditioners, but this coolness makes me feel no good.

On the other hand in Hawaii it's cooler and much dryer than in Tokyo. The sea breeze is always blowing, and it's really comfortable out in the open air.

There are many beer gardens in Tokyo during summer, but I don't feel like drinking beer in these beer gardens, because it's too hot and wet even in nighttime. On the contrary in Hawaii, it's weather is perfect for drinking beer or Pina Colada under an umbrella along the beach in either daytime or nighttime.

I also played golf in Kauai. In summer it's tough to play golf in Japan, because it's so hot that I get exhausted. I wasn't exhausted in Kauai after playing through 18 holes. I've never played golf more fun than this time.

I was always wearing a T-short and shorts in Hawaii. It's the perfect climate for T-shirts.

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