Aug 4, 2012

Olympic Games and Internationalization: Judo and NBA

In Japan, judo matches in the London Olympic games has been broadcasted everyday. Although I don't dislike judo matches, I've almost got a little bored with them.

I want to watch basketball games, but they are not broadcasted on TV, because the Japanese national team doesn't appear. (I can watch them through the internet.)

I wonder if judo is proper for the Olympic games. I expect Olympic games of the best performance by the top athletes. Nevertheless judo's been internationalized, it's still a minor sport in the world. The top athletes might choose major sports, I guess.

In the London Olympic games we can see Lebron James and Kobe Bryant with the U.S. uniform, Pau Gasol with Spanish uniform, and Manu Ginobili with Argentine uniform, who are the real top athlete, playing basket ball.

In the Barcelona Olympic games 1992, the U.S. men's national basketball team, the dream team, appeared and won a gold medal. The member of the other country teams saw almost Michel Jordan playing just like as his big fans.

And then, many players from all over the world joined the NBA and they thought about themselves as equivalent players to Michel Jordan. In the Athens Olympic games 2004, the U.S. men's national team missed a gold medal. Now, the NBA has been internationalized and got more colorful.

Some Japanese are pointing that some foreign judo fighters don't learn the judo sprit. But it's natural that the judo spirits are getting diverse with the internationalization of judo. If they wanted to keep the purity of the judo spirit, judo shouldn't join the Olympic games.

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