Dec 1, 2013

Three Photographs of Yellow Ginko Leaves

I had not been feeling well because of tonsillitis for two months. Now that I have gotten much better, I will try to write my first entry since October.

When I walked to the nearest subway station, I found that the morning sunlight was shining on the yellow leaves of a ginko tree. I tried to take a photograph of them with my iPhone.

I wanted to express the contrast between the yellow of the ginko leaves and the blue of the clear sky of early winter. The ginko tree was so big that it couldn't fit on the screen of my iPhone, and I was disappointed with the resulting photograph.

On another day, I went to Kishimojin shrine, which is a ten minutes walk from my house. There was a huge ginko tree full of bright yellow leaves. Of course, I could not take a photograph of its whole tree with my iPhone, so I wondered how I should crop it.

Just under the tree, yellow leaves were spread out like a yellow carpet. I shot a photograph of just the yellow leaves on the ground. I like the contrast between light and shadow on the yellow leaves and between the yellow of leaves and the red of the Shinto gate.

I looked up and I found the sunlight through yellow leaves, and I took a photograph that was full of the yellow.

In the end, I love this photograph best. I realized that when taking a photograph, how you crop an image is most important.