Jul 7, 2013

The Doctrine of the Mean Is of the Highest Order 中庸之爲徳也、其至矣乎

This morning, my wife and I had pancakes and coffee for breakfast.

Recently, Hawaiian style pancakes are becoming more popular in Tokyo. One of the famous Hawaiian pancake shops, Egg ‘n Things, opened a new branch in Harajuku, Tokyo, which has customers lined up.

Basically, I love almost everything about Hawaii, but I have some question about Hawaiian style pancakes, which are full of fresh cream and fruits. 

I prefer the burnt pancakes and weak coffee that can be found in any ordinary American diner. Don’t you think that Hawaiian style pancakes are too much for breakfast? American diner pancakes are enough for me.

I love drinking espresso in an Italian bar. It really wakes me up. But I don’t want to have it with pancakes for breakfast in an American diner. Weak “American” coffee doesn’t taste great, but it does the trick.

The Master said, “The virtue embodied in the doctrine of the Mean is of the highest order. But it has long been rare among people.”


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