Nov 8, 2012

Idealism and Pragmatism: the Presidential Election of the U.S.

Obama won the presidential election.

I wrote "From the standpoint of Japanese view I think that President Obama is so underestimated from American people." in the entry "President Obama and Mitt Romney", so I wasn't surprise with his victory at all.

I think that Mitt Romney isn't bad. He is a quite competent businessman, and he could do well if he became the president of the U.S. But Obama is historic and special. He is the first non-white president of the U.S. and his family and he are really cool and sweet. This is the photo that was uploaded on Obama's Facebook wall when his victory came out. He is attractive.

The recession after Lehman Shock wasn't Obama's fault, and it can't be overcame easily because its cause is deep-rooted. Huge trade imbalance between the U.S. and emerging countries is the background of this problem, and there is no silver bullet to solve this situation.

Even Romney can't make jobs, because it isn't the president but businesses that make jobs and the government just can support businesses. Romney, who believes in the power of business sector, also might think so at the bottom of his heart.

When I heard Obama's speech, I was moved by his high ideal. But now, American people want pragmatic solution more than high ideal, don't they? Romney seems to be quite pragmatic.

At the end Obama was reelected, but his political situation isn't easy because Republicans dominates the house. ("Obama Wins a ClearVictory, but Balance of Power Is Unchanged in Washington" The New York Times) I hope that he will make his high ideal for the next four years. He doesn't have to be reelected any more, so he can do what he really wants to do.


  1. It was interesting (but perhaps not unexpected?) that the US stock market fell after Obama's victory. Perhaps investors are worried about the continuing deadlock over budget cuts and tax rates.

    As a total outsider, I often think Democrats and Republicans are equally silly; but as a woman, I can only say thank heavens the Republicans didn't win. They made some staggeringly stupid comments about women (rape, pregnancy, abortion, etc) in the months preceding the election. No wonder women overwhelmingly supported Obama.

  2. This weekend I visited Shendai, and I'm back home now. Autumn leaves were really beautiful.

    DPJ and LDP are also silly....